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Colloidal Stability and Aggregation Dynamics

75th A.C.S. Colloid and Surface Science Symposium
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
June 10-13, 2001

Symposium Organizers:
David G. Grier
University of Chicago
John Y. Walz
Yale University

Colloidal stability and aggregation are controlled by the delicate balance between attractive and repulsive inter-particle forces. Technological applications demand control of colloidal stability. This symposium seeks papers covering recent develops in the study of colloidal stability and the dynamics of colloidal aggregation processes. Experimental, theoretical, and computational papers are welcomed.

Relevant topics include, but are not limited to:
Colloidal interaction forces, including
    Electrostatic interactions (e.g., anomalies in theory, simulation and experiment)
    van der Waals interactions (e.g., measurements and new computational approaches)
    Depletion interactions (e.g., improved models, recent direct measurements)
    Polymer and polyelectrolyte mediated interactions between particles and fibers
Kinetics of aggregation and deposition
    Effects of roughness and charge heterogeneity on colloidal forces and stability
    Particle-polymer heterogels
New experimental tools for studying interaction forces and stability

This symposium will feature a keynote lecture by
Prof. Arjun Yodh, Department of Physics, University of Pennsylvania
"Entropic Forces and Assembly in Suspension"

For further information on this symposium, contact:

David G. Grier
Department of Physics
University of Chicago

John Y. Walz
Department of Chemical Engineering
Yale University

Abstracts should be submitted electronically following instructions given here.