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Self-Assembling Systems: from Microscopic Forces to Macroscopic Structure

75th A.C.S. Colloid and Surface Science Symposium
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
June 10-13, 2001

Symposium Organizers:
Alice Gast
Stanford University
Eric Kaler
University of Delaware

Intermolecular forces lead to mesoscale and macroscopic structures in self-assembling systems. These include (but are not limited to), polymer solutions, surfactant solutions, vesicles and liposomes, and microemulsions. Experimental and theoretical papers discussing structural features of self-assembling systems are welcome.

Relevant topics include, but are not limited to:
Relations between complex fluid structure, interactions, and phase behavior
Polymeric micelles, vesicles and membranes, and polymer-surfactant interactions
Thermodynamics, statistical mechanics and simulations of self assembly
Thermodynamics of mixed micelles, microemulsions, and solubilization
Structural studies via scattering, microscopy, and spectroscopy

This symposium will feature a keynote lecture by
Prof. Frank Bates, Department of Chemical Engineering and
Materials Science, University of Minnesota
"Macromolecular Surfactants"

For further information on this symposium, contact:

Alice Gast
Chemical Engineering Department
Stanford University

Eric Kaler
Chemical Engineering Department
University of Delaware

Abstracts should be submitted electronically following instructions given here.